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“Bones of the Dark Moon”: a novel that delves into the mass murders of Bali in 1965 and into the Balinese culture. By Richard E. Lewis, born and raised in Bali.

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“Bones of the Dark Moon” is a fictional novel based on true historical events including the mass murders in Bali. Jumping back and forth in time, Richard takes us through the trials and tribulations of distinctive Balinese, Indonesian and Western characters swept by the socio-political changes and events of Bali and Indonesia’s troubled times of the year 1965 and today’s. A web of characters and events where romance, espionage, intrigue, family secrets, love, deceit, redemption, and even surfing develop in as a unique way as the Balinese society of yesterday and today themselves, giving us a better understanding of Balinese past and present traditions, culture, and idiosyncrasy.
If you like historical fictional novels and you are interested in Bali’s rich society and how it coped and copes with societal and political changes, get a copy of “Bones of the Dark Moon”.

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